Terms & Conditions


We recommend early reservation for trek to secure places in domestic flights, accommodations as well as availability of guides.

Payment Schedule

All payment will be carried out based on the agreed quotation. No adjustment can be made after the trek/tour begins.


Upon receiving the deposit, Adventure Kora will email you confirmation within one working week.

10 percent should be wired to us for payment 10 days before the trip. Final payment is to be made upon arrival in Kathmandu.

We will email you the payment details via email.


Notice of cancellation should be emailed with your signature.

Cancellation charges:

  • If you cancel your trip 10 days before the trip, we will charge a 10 percent cancellation fee.

  • For cancellation one day prior to the trip, we have a 50 percent cancellation fee.

  • Cancellation charge and refund of air tickets is done as per rules and regulation of the concerned airline company.

  • Some hotels may ask for a non-refundable amount to ensure booking. If incase you cancel your trip, this money may not be refundable. We charge this amount in your first payment.

Cancellation of fixed departure/other trips by Adventure Kora

  • If we get low number of sign ups than the required number for fixed departures, Adventure Kora holds the right to cancel the tour.

Clients Responsibilities

(Code of Conduct while traveling)

  • Adventure Kora will request you to provide a health clearance letter or doctor recommendation for treks and adventure activities.

  • If incase during a trek/tour, the client is not well ( physically or mentally), as per the assessment of the guide, Adventure Kora has the right to discontinue the trip. However, the trip fee will be non-refundable.

  • Clients should have travel insurance before coming to Nepal.

Limitations of Liability

The client acknowledges the nature of trips and understands that the trip involves risk to their health and safety. The client assumes all the risk involved in the trip and will not hold Adventure Kora’s staff, guide, porter and office liable for any unfortunate incident while on the trip.

Clients are responsible for taking care of their baggage and personal effects. Although, our team will also take care of your luggage during the tour, it will however, not be responsible for any sort of loss, damage or accidents to any luggage and property in any part of the tour/trek.

Privacy Policy

Adventure Kora collects your required personal information for trek/tour process. We do not sell your personal information to any third party. We provide your information to our authorized agents, and government for travel permit and related documents required for your travel.