Kora for Change
Welcome to "Kora for Change" – a special effort by Adventure Kora dedicated to making a positive impact in the communities we touch. At Adventure Kora, we believe in sharing quality over quantity, and with this initiative, we're focused on bringing meaningful change where it's needed the most.
We understand the importance of small, impactful projects that make a lasting difference. Through "Kora for Change," we have designed a multi- faceted plan that focuses on important areas of people's well-being, education, and healthcare in the mountainous region of Nepal.
Human Welfare: Supporting Mountain Communities
Our first priority is the welfare of the people who work tirelessly in Nepal's challenging mountainous terrain. We're dedicated to providing proper gear and equipment for the porters who are the backbone of mountain expeditions. By ensuring their safety and comfort, we contribute to the livelihood and wellbeing of these remarkable individuals.
Education: Building and empowering future minds
Kora for Change is dedicated to improving education in remote Nepal. We build schools, provide scholarships for quality education, and empower recent graduates to share their knowledge through our Mentorship Travel Grant. Our goal is to break down barriers, create better infrastructure, and open doors to brighter futures in underserved areas.
Health Camps: Promoting Wellness in Remote Areas
Health is wealth, and we're dedicated to spreading well-being to Nepal's remotest regions. Our mission is to organize health camps in these areas, providing essential medical services to those who have limited access to healthcare. By offering medical expertise and resources, we're ensuring that even the most remote communities receive the care they deserve.
Join Us in Creating Change
"Kora for Change" is more than just a project – it's a movement to uplift communities, one step at a time. As a responsible travel agency, Adventure Kora is proud to champion this initiative. Together, we can create a wave of transformation, ensuring that every journey we take contributes to the greater good.
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