Should you travel during Coronavirus?

Should you travel during Coronavirus?

The first case of Coronavirus was first identified in China. The novel virus has now spread all around the world, except Antarctica.

The total number of infection from the beginning as of March 30 is around 718,000. Around 149,000 have already recovered from it, while 33,000 have died.

Is it safe to travel to tourist spots in Nepal?

Till date, Nepal has confirmed 5 cases of Coronavirus, out of this one has recovered.

How is Nepal affected by Coronavirus, COVID-19?

The pandemic has affected businesses all over the country, especially the tourism sector. The Asian Development Bank recently launched a report on COVID-19 Economic Impact Assessment Template. ADB predicts that Nepal will lose around USD 322 million.

The government canceled the Visit Nepal 2020 campaign and also all spring expedition to the Everest region.

The Government had issued a cancellation of all visa on arrival but has revoked the decision.

Visitors can get a visa from the Nepal mission in their countries. They also need to provide a health certificate that proves that they are Coronavirus free. The certificate will be checked again by immigration at the airport and the land-border exit points. This rule is effective from March 14 until April 30.

The Government of Nepal has partially closed all International Flights from March 22 to 31. This has now been extended to April 15, 2020.

Borders with India and China have also been sealed.

What is the Nepal Government doing to control the spread of Coronavirus, COVID-19?

At the airport: The international airport has installed thermal cameras to check the temperature of all visitors.

If somebody is feeling unwell and show symptoms, they can self-report. A standby ambulance will take the patient to the hospital.

People who are suspected of having Coronavirus are taken to the hospital for quarantine for 14 days.

What are the measures inside Nepal?

All social gatherings have been canceled. The government has announced a one-week lockdown until April 7. There is currently a strict stay-at-home order. Intercity buses and also public transport has been closed. People can, however, go out to purchases important necessities and for health reasons.

The government has been sharing messages of safety and precautions and information about Coronavirus to ensure people get the right message.

Is Air travel safe?

As per experts, the Coronavirus is spread through droplets. If someone who had COVID-19 traveled in the plane and sneezed and the droplets do not travel more than three feet.

If somebody stayed on the same seat or touched the surface where the infected person was staying, they have a risk of potential infection.

What should you do when you travel by air?

When you travel, make sure you wipe the surface with alcohol wipes- such as the trays, bathroom handles, chairs, anywhere you will touch.

Make sure you wash your hands and also have a hand sanitizer with you.

How to stay safe when you are traveling?

Experts have advised that washing our hands with soap for 20 seconds is effective.

Do not touch your eyes, nose, and mouth.

Use a hand sanitizer and alcohol wipes which has 60 percent alcohol.

Use the wipes to clean surfaces before you touch them. However, experts have stated that COVID-19 can last up to three days. So, you have to wash your hands to prevent potential infection.

Sneeze or cough into your elbow instead of your hands. This cuts down the chances of you touching your face or nose or eyes with the infected droplets.

Maintain distance while traveling.

Stay away from people who show symptoms. The new studies have also shown that some people have mild symptoms, but they can still transmit.

Only refer to news from World Health Organizations and official news from the Nepal Government.

Travel insurance

Please ensure and confirm travel insurance to check what is covered and not covered in your insurance.

Should I travel if I am feeling nervous or anxious?

Your mental health is equally as important as your physical health. If you are not feeling sure about your travel plans, and are anxious, it is best to stay at home.

You have to be in the best mental state to enjoy your vacation. You can always change your travel plans. Things are changing rapidly and doctors are learning new things about the virus. Observe the safety regulations to stay safe. When the WHO gives the all-clear, you can make your travel plans again.

Travel Responsibly

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