Annapurna Circuit: A Trek Of a Lifetime

Annapurna Circuit: A Trek Of a Lifetime


Duration: 2-3 weeks
Trail length: 300 km
Max Height: 5416m at Thorong La pass
Best time to visit: October to November and March to May
Annapurna Circuit has made it to bucket lists since the time it was opened for trekking in the 1980s for all the right reasons. The horseshoe trail has more to offer than you’d imagine you are ready to receive.

Here, we take you on a short journey of what’s awaiting you on the other side of making that decision of opening yourself to a whole new experience.


  •     The adrenaline rush of making it to Thorong La Pass at 5416 meters.
  •     The experience of walking through the world’s deepest gorge, Kaligandaki Gorge. Trust me, it’s breathtaking.
  •     Constant backdrop of snow-capped mountains throughout your journey  
  •     Living through a plethora of diverse cultures, landscapes, villages, and settlement.

Starting off at Besisahar, Annapurna Circuit Trek takes roughly about 2-3 weeks to complete and it’s a journey you’d never want to miss.
Annapurna Circuit served as a trade route between Nepal- Tibet in the ancient days, traces of which are visible to this day. The rural settlements there still cling to farming around the valley area pretty much like it was a 100 years ago. You will meet Gurung community – sweet people who will serve you  the most exotic food and heartfelt hospitality. Moreover, Annapurna Circuit will take you through a different side to Himalayas – oak forests, terrace farming fields and miles and miles of rhododendron galore in the lap of snow-capped peaks

The infallible beauty of the mountains:

Discover –Annapurna Massif, Mt. Dhaulagiri and the utterly spectacular Mt. Maccha Pucchre (translation. fish-tail)
Annapurna Massif forms a ridge of about 48 km (30 miles) between the Kaligandaki Gorge and Marsyangdi River, towards the upper town of Pokhara. The massif contains four main summits, out of which two – Annapurna I and II stand towards the western and eastern ends and III and IV lie right between them. The snow-capped MacchaPucchre, elusive and pristine, is a sight to behold because of its shape and the stories behind it. And Mt. Dhaulagiri (Sanskrit translation. White beautiful mountain) lives up to its beautiful name.

Diversity with every step:

Annapurna Circuit is the most diverse trek you could take. Whether it’s the landscape, the culture, the people, the view or just how you feel.

Starting off at rice farms and forests you reach the height of 5416 m and then the depth of 5571m lower than Annapurna I at the world’s deepest gorge. In terms of culture as well, along with Buddhist chants that dominate the region, there are slight traces of Hinduism, giving the whole trek a slightly different vibe. Also, there’s the famous Muktinath, considered holy by both Hindus and Buddhists, a symbol of harmony. And it doesn’t end there, witness up to 440 species of rare birds and animals such as blue sheep, red panda and snow leopard.

Relax and feel welcome:

Each and every stop at the Annapurna Circuit is a local teahouse where you will meet the friendliest people ever. The hospitality warms your heart and your memories for years to come. Take a dip or two in hot springs on your journey as well. Relax and watch all your fatigue melt away in these springs.

To sum it up, the trek to Annapurna Circuit is a journey that will renew your body, mind, and spirit through its elemental beauty.
Feel the vibrant culture, taste the local flavor and witness the awe-inspiring mountains in their infallible reign.